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Semantic for developers

Dictanova makes it easy to turn Customer Feedbacks to Value

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Why you’ll love Dictanova

Full-stack semantic API

Full-stack semantic

You don’t need to handle the storage or your textual customer feedbacks, or to develop aggregation routines. Dictanova handles everything, including aspect based sentiment analysis (extracting opinions and their polarity), indexing the verbatims and providing search and analytics features.

Dictanova lets you add semantic capabilities to you software or website without the struggle.

An API that gets out of your way

We provide a smart API so your product team can quickly and easily deliver insights:

  1. Push your data as they come (…and forget about it)
  2. Ask for insights!

Focus on the value you deliver, we take care of the rest*

* pun intended

An API that gets out of your way

Pricing like it should be

No setup fees, no per customer fees, no per requests fees: you pay for the number of new documents you import every month.


We're developers too

Our team is full of developers and entrepreneurs who have been there and seen the problems in this industry firsthand.

We’re dedicated to building the best and simplest semantic solution for developers.


Top players already trust Dictanova

Dictanova powers customers feedbacks analysis for various uses cases. Our users include large companies, rapidly-growing start-ups, side projects, and everything in between.

Start providing semantic features instantly.

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