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About Dictanova

DICTANOVA provides full-stack AI for the semantic enrichment, search and analytics of customer interactions (satisfaction surveys, feedbacks…). The services are built on proprietary state of the art NLP algorithms specifically tweaked by experts of the field (3 Ph.D) since 2011.

Key steps

Since 2011, DICTANOVA has successfully developed and commercialized various offers around its technology: market research (2011–2014), web app (2015–2017) and now API (2018). Each of these steps allowed the Team to cross technological milestones and adapt its business solutions to market feedback.


Thesis and scientific articles published

> 20 Millions

Verbatims processed


Ph.D in Natural Language Processing

Meeting the challenges of Customer Experience...

Transactional (ERP) then Relational (CRM), the customer approach is now Experiential: how are customers feeling about our brand at every step of its journey? Customers are looking for a long-term, individualized and natural follow-up. That generates more and more untapped feedback by CRM: product reviews, visits, emails, chat, voice assistants… While 9 out of 10 consumers consult customer reviews on the Internet before a purchase, companies forsake them, as they are unable to take advantage of it.

… with a turnkey semantic solution

Turn feedbacks to value with the full-stack semantic of Dictanova:

  • unbiased disclosure of customer opinions (no predefined keywords or categories) and topics generalization (guided or fully automated)
  • simply reconcile quantitative and qualitative data (on-the-fly computing of qualitative metrics)
  • explain business metrics with customer phrases

Meet the team

Fabien Poulard

Fabien Poulard, CEO

Damien Raude-Morvan, CTO

Damien Raude Morvan
Thomas Clarisse

Thomas Clarisse, Product Lead

Clotilde Aoudé, Customer Success

Portrait de Clotilde Aoudé
Sebastian Pena Saldarriaga

Sebastian Pena-Saldarriaga, R&D Lead

Marion Bechennec, Backend developer

Marion Bechennec
Joseph Lark

Joseph Lark, R&D

Franck Wlodarezack, Full-stack Developer

Portrait de Franck Wlodarezack
Jingshu Liu

Jingshu Liu, R&D

Clément Garbay, Developer

Clément Garbay
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