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A full-stack semantic API for customer feedback analysis

Wait! Do you know what an API is? Are you looking for some fancy user interface?

Aspect based sentiment

Our API is built on top of a state of the art proprietary semantic engine providing aspect based sentiment analysis.

The Dictanova semantic engine is extraction oriented – rather than categorisation oriented – which grants it strong capabilities that make it perfect for customer feedback analysis:

  1. it does not need training to provide results so you have to plug in your data and you get results right away,
  2. it is less biased as it will not try to fit content into predefined categories but rather identify what is important in each content and generalize afterward in a bottom-up manner.

How does the aspect based sentiment engine of Dictanova work?

Fully automated identification of key expressions that express the meaning. This step does not rely on any dictionary so we are sure to not miss any trend.

Extraction of opinion phrases that reflect the author is expressing an opinion.

Grouping key expressions and opinions phrases based on syntactic analysis to build fine grained opinions and provide answers to: what is the customer feedback about? how do the customer feel about it this matter?

Generalization of the opinions extracted from several feedbacks into topics. This is fully automated – but can be guided – using Artificial Intelligence to build topics by grouping together semantically similar opinions.

Enrich the opinions with the structured metadata of the processed content (NPS, customer id…) to filter and explain KPIs

Search capabilities: easily find the customer feedbacks you are interested in

Customer feedbacks are often collected, processed and forgotten… which is a shame as it constitutes a unique knowledge base on customer expectations for marketing teams, product teams and even directions.

Dictanova API provides advanced semantic search capabilities on top of a customer feedbacks collection. No need for additional integration: with one API request, access unstructured data mixing semantic, time, score and metadata criterias.

Provide your users an easy way to explore unstructured data and reveal the text behind the metrics.

Analytics capabilities: reconcile quantitative and qualitative data into any data visualization

What can be done with text? Is it possible to build insightful data visualization on top of customer feedbacks? Of course!

Dictanova API provides a powerful aggregation engine so you can reconcile quantitative and qualitative data into powerful business oriented metrics. No need for additional integration: with one API request, convert  unstructured data into metrics combining semantic filters and metadata with a powerful algebra.

Provide your users an easy way to build beautiful dataviz on top of their customer feedbacks.

Generalization capabilities: get an overview of your data with fully automated topics discovery

Available soon (currently being integrated in the API).

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