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Why Dictanova?

Same data, more value

Customer feedbacks in a textual form are everywhere. Every organisation, every CRM, every customer service software… collects tons of them. And the best they can do is to display them as a list or export them into an Excel sheet.

There is so much information in customer feedbacks that you will most likely never fully get all the value they hide. But with Dictanova you can at least start taking advantage of them and deliver insights.

Gap between customer knowledge with and without verbatims
Animation of a text analysis with Dictanova engine

A unique technology

Dictanova is the only full-stack turnkey semantic API on the market! It has unique abilities to turn feedbacks to value:

  • unbiased disclosure of customer opinions (no predefined keywords or categories) and topics generalization
  • simply reconcile quantitative and qualitative data (on-the-fly computing of qualitative metrics)
  • explain business metrics with customer phrases

Our team of PhD and engineers have been working on our technology since 2011… and even before we created the company some of us were already tackling the problems of natural language processing in PhD thesis.

Full-stack semantics

Dictanova helps you getting value from any type of customer feedback: satisfaction surveys, product reviews, customer service contacts…

Our API provides high level services to fulfill your reporting needs:

  • analytics: aggregate metrics by mixing semantic enrichments with regular CRM data to compute highly relevant KPI. Read more about Analytics.
  • search: whatever the metric you computed with our analytics, easily find the corresponding verbatims to illustrate the results. Read more about Search
  • generalisation: step back from your individual feedbacks and easily draw a global overview of what you customers are talking about. Dictanova automatically extract topics that group semantically similar opinions.
Grouping terms in topics based on their semantic similarity

Quick integration

We built a lot of semantic dashboards and tools. So when we conceived our API we learnt from our past experiences and build the API we wish we would have had then.

Dictanova enables you to get statistics and metrics from your customer feedbacks in minutes. Follow our development quickstart to start building your integration.

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